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i’ll melt with you in {san diego}…


Viva-popsInspired by the festive colors and flavors of traditional Mexican-style
pops called “paletas,” Viva Pops (located in Normal Heights) has all-natural frozen fruit pops that are my new favorite frozen treat. Made with organic fruits and herbs, they purchase many of their ingredients from local growers and suppliers at San Diego
farmers’ markets. With flavors like Watermelon Lime Cilantro, Chai Tea, Blueberry Lemonade, and Mojito Lime Mint, it's surprising I only had one…

{Make your own tasty pops at home with the help of this book & a popsicle mold}

One comment

  1. Don’t you love this place? I go as often as I can with cooler in hand. It’s one of the only places I miss when I travel outside of San Diego. You should check out too. I’m so glad other people are scouting just like me the find the diamonds in the rough.


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