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manhattan 8 years ago…



It's amazing how time flies…8 years ago, I watched the twin tower attacks from a stalled N,R train on the Manhattan Bridge going from Brooklyn to downtown NY on my way to work. That day was crazy, sad, and life-changing. New York will always have a special place in my heart because of that day and for so many other reasons…

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  1. Hello
    Love your post..Manhattan will always hold a special place in my heart too.
    I was there last in 1995, stood on top of the World Trade Center & now cannot believe it is no longer there.I think it is going to be a strange experience going back & seeing something completely different

  2. I completely agree. It happened the year after I moved away (after 8 years in NYC) and it was so hard going back the first time after it happened.
    On a lighter note, LOVE those posters!! 😉

  3. I could hardly believe it too until i came home from work (12.30am Singapore) and watched the news for hours. When i get to visit NY however, the first place i want to go to is Central Park. Heard so many beautiful things abt it, hopefully during autumn season 🙂


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