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the oh joy foodie…



For those of you who read this blog (and especially those of you who follow me on Twitter), you know that next to being a designer, I am a HUGE foodie. My spare time and thoughts are spent thinking about what I'll eat next and exploring the great eats my city has to offer. With my recent move (and a whole new town of food to explore), it felt like just the right time to launch my new food blog, Happy Lady Eats. For those of you who love food as much as I do, I hope you'll enjoy this new outlet of mine.


  1. Fun news! The blog looks great, can’t wait to see more. Did you see the article in Print Magazine a few months ago looking into why designers love to cook? They interview some rock star designers about their cooking style and kitchen space. I love that it really isn’t a coincidence that these two creative outlets need similar skill sets.

  2. I’m a huge foodie too. Actually, I had a moment today when I considered dropping out of grad school and becoming a baker. I love your foodie blog…especially since you highlight some San Diego treats.
    If you haven’t been to Urban Solace or Heaven Sent Desserts yet, go.

  3. congrats on the new blog. i got your email on the weekend and checked it out. it’s funny how many of us designers are secretly (or not so secretly) foodies at heart!
    all the best in the studio and the restaurants 🙂


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