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  1. All of these look so absolutely delicious! My friend and I are planning to try and make macarons when I get home to NJ this December. If we’re successful, maybe I’ll drop out of grad school and open my own shop in San Diego (unlikely, but a nice pipe dream).

  2. I love that chart! It brings back great memories of our Paris trip earlier this year.
    I had been following your other blog for years and am happy to see this new food one. 🙂

  3. mmm Laduree’s pistachio is fabulous! Especially when you pair it with a nice cup of orchid oolong tea.
    If I ever open a tea shop, that print is going on the wall!

  4. ah you know abt laduree too? I had their marie antoinette tea, someone brought it from paris. I was just thinking today if I ever make it back to Paris I have to get you some to try…

  5. If you can get to Opera Cafe & Patisserie in San Diego they have great macaroons. They had a location downtown that I could walk to but alas they moved but they still get raves.


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