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the surf lodge…



Right now, I'd usually feel the crisp cool air of an East Coast fall and start stocking up on some new fall cardigans and flats. But this first fall living in San Diego has me feeling like summer is never gonna end (and I love that). As an ode to summer…here's an awesome surf hotel in Montauk called the Surf Lodge that seems so cool and laid back…like SoCal in NY for sure…

{via Kelley}


  1. I know what you mean.. 96 degrees in So Cal and only getting hotter! If only i could spend my week at this surf lodge! I esp am liking the big stenciled numbers on the door!

  2. I could easily spend whole days there reading and chilling with friends. I just moved to San Diego earlier this month for grad school and I miss my NJ fall weather so badly. Here it’s always hot…

  3. I just went to a wedding reception there last weekend and it was amazing. hands down, the best reception I’ve ever been to.

  4. the Surf Lodge looks amazing! my husband has been telling me that we need to go there… but until I saw this post I assumed that it was a ‘surf lodge’ I could do that kind of surf trip… I am in San Diego too anxiously waiting fall…


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