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a childhood favorite in {san diego}…


Growing up in Thai family who ran Thai restaurants for a living, I've had my share of great Thai food. But one of my favorites is a street snack called Kanom Krok that I've only previously enjoyed from street carts in Thailand. Kanom Krok are like mini coconut pancakes with a gelatinous and slightly pudding-like texture. Grilled in small 1-1/2" circles, they are warm, crispy, sweet, salty, and delicious. I was thrilled to discover them at a Thai food stand at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, and I get them every time I go. It's like a tiny slice of my favorite street food.

{Happy Tip: You can make your own at home using an Ebelskiver and by following this recipe from the book It Rains Fishes. Photo by Oh Joy.}


  1. Yum yum. There is a well-known Thai Buddhist temple in Berkeley that has a giant, amazing brunch every Sunday. It is the first and only place I’ve ever had them, and they became one of my favorites. So glad you posted about this, it really brings back delicious memories!

  2. I’m going to echo Sarai since we were wondering the name of the delicious dessert we had yesterday at the Thai Brunch in Berkeley. I’m so glad you posted this! Thank you.

  3. I agree – what a treat it was to find & read this post. I had these pancakes about 2 years ago at a celebration that they were having at a Thai Buddhist temple in LA. My husband and I fell in love with them and always wondered how to make them. Now we know – thanks Joy!

  4. Darling:
    I went to Thai Temple on Sunday and have some of them. We were thinking about you while we were eating them. I knew you love them. I am glad that you can have them over there.
    Love you.

  5. omg. thank you so much for posting this. we’ve been debating on getting an ebelskiver for a long time now ‘n this has definitely tipped the scale. I’ve never had the opportunity to try this yet but I look forward to making this at home.

  6. just found your foodie blog and checking it out. love Oh Joy 🙂
    we get these “coconut pancakes” everytime we go to the hillcrest farmers market!
    we moved to san diego in august, so we’re also exploring the city and loving the amazing weather.
    thanks for always posting interesting, thoughtful, and fun reads.


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