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a sweet comparison…


Last weekend, the macaron gods shined upon me and granted me some extra special delights. A friend {just back from a trip to Paris} brought me boxes of French macarons from the classic Ladurée as well as another much talked about, Pierre Hermé. Then, two days later, a dear friend visiting from LA bestowed a box of Paulette's colorful gems upon me. So I did what any normal macaron-loving human being would do and had a taste test. The final verdict…while all tasty, Pierre Hermé was the winner in my book. Though the direct-from-Paris versions were a bit damaged from travel, PH gets my vote for most creamy, rich, and delicious filling of the bunch.

{photo by Oh Joy of Paulette's sweet rainbow of colors}


  1. mmm pierre herme was my favorite when i was in paris, too! i would detour for daily visits – i recall the pistachio being particularly salivating. i have yet to try paulette…i need to get on that.

  2. Who was your second choice? There’s a Paulette’s in SF just over the hill from my apartment that I’ve been meaning to check out. It’s near my current fav macaroon supplier- La Boulange.


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