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happy friday + smile a little…




Every time I see these photos of Dolci Odille's custom backdrop for Smilebooth, it makes me want to dive right into that awesome pink madness. Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks SO much to everyone who came out to the Oh Joy party in LA last night! It was so great to meet all of you! We'll be posting photos and more details from the party next week so stay tuned!


  1. hi joy! it was great to meet you! you are super adorable and the new line of paper is so pretty – simple and elegant. have a great weekend!

  2. hey joy, love love love your blog. perhaps you know this already, but smilebooth is actually the work of “our labor of love,” a group of amazing photographers based out of atlanta. i didn’t see them listed under your favorites so i thought i’d share. p.s. love your section on thai design, because i’m thai, too!


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