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happy friday + raffle winner(s)…



Thanks so much to everyone who entered to win the Oh Joy for
Chronicle collection
. There were so many amazing responses, that we
decided to choose three winners (instead of just one) at random. And, the winners of the Oh Joy +
Chronicle raffle
are: Tania W., Kacia N., and Olivia C.! Congrats guys!

Here's a selection of my favorites of the things that make YOU happy:

~ Finding extra $ in the laundry for the taco truck – Steph M.

~ Rose milk tea w/soy, less ice, more boba – Alexis K.

~ Unexpected (gold! green!) nailpolish – Jenny V.

~ Knowing that someday i will travel – Karis V.

~ Finding old pictures of families in antique stores – Abigail B.

~ Puns. What could be finer than a great one-liner? – Amanda M.

~ Dinner parties where everybody assembles their own pan pizzas – Stacia N.

~ A lovely meal with my boo – Alexandra M.

~ Stumbling onto weddings by accident – Tania W.

Have a great halloween weekend!

{photo above of labels & stickers by Karen Wise}


  1. I love your stationary. It is so beautiful. I had a lovely surprise this past weekend… I produced a modern dance show with 13 dancers and they all wrote me thank you/love notes on your stationary. I was so very excited to get 13 wonderful letters on wonderfully beautiful paper. Such fantastic keepsakes. xoxo H


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