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happy friday + feeling like going for a bike ride…



…down the Italian countryside! My new bike arrives any day now and thinking of all the fun ways I can accessorize for my outdoorsy adventures. Whether to the market, along the beach, or to a friend's house, a chic helmet is a must! Still searching for something just right, so if anyone has suggestions for cool helmets available in the US I'd love to hear. Enjoy the weekend all! The countdown to the holidays begins! Oh, and ps. if anyone is planning to go to the Altitude Design Summit, today is the last day for the special registration discount. I'll be there along with a bunch of other folks in the design/blog world.

{left to right, top to bottom: Cynthia Rowley bicycle necklace, Yakkay Paris Bicycle Helmet, Chrome Bell RingerVelorbis Victoria Classic, Virginia Johnson scarf, Design Stockholm bicycle basket, and Po Campo rack bag}


  1. Absolutely love that bike. I’m saving my pennies to get one, but I’m a bit nervous about navigating all the SD hills — especially those up here in the La Jolla/UTC area.

  2. I recommend the bern helmets (in particular the baker, muse and watts models). I have the watts helmet in a matte black to go with my grass green Dutch cycle and I always get compliments. They fit close to the head and they have some fab colours in glossy and matte. You are going to LOVE your pretty bike. It’s waaay more fun (and I say that even living in rainy London not the gorgeous SD!

  3. Instead of splashing out on a designer helmet I just went for a simple Pro-tec skate style helmet, removed the (very few) stickers on it, and voila, safe and stylish helmet for a reasonable cost.
    Lovely bike choice, I went for a cheap (but rather handsome) 70s number and can already see that I might end up splashing out on a new yummy one at some point…

  4. If your looking for a cute cap or a basket cover made from vintage fabrics may I suggest my own brand for stylish cyclists All hand made to high quality using vintage fabrics so they are all individual.
    More products will be unveiled the closer we get to Christmas sure to excite everyone to cycle with style.

  5. I love the bike… I am Dutch and this is in Holland called a “granny bike” ….. my favourite bike. When you see these in Amsterdam, you will find that people actually “decorate” their bikes… I have seen t hem with (fake) flowers, Van Gogh saddle bags etc.
    I guess one really has to make life colourful in that cold country.

  6. I have that design stokholm green basket an love it. Functionally it isn’t so great though. It is difficult to attach with the strap it comes with so I used zip ties which eventually started messing with my brake wires. Now I am using it as a cute magazine catch all… And looking for a new basket. :/

  7. Oh Joy!
    I go in here every now and then and each time your blog fills me up with JOY and LIGHT! How do you do that??
    I started a new blog a little while ago. I had your in mind – wanted to keep it light and fresh as “Oh Joy”. But I can´t make it half as beautiful and stylish as your – nomather how hard I try 🙂 YOU are a master, Joy!
    Thank you for all the good wibes you radiate to the world through your blog!

  8. I’ve been craving that green boke basket for so long now…and i don’t even have a bike! It would look so good as a window basket, don’t you think? I’d fill it with pots of pink flowers.

  9. Did you order a Velorbis (sorry, I’m sure you’ve said already, but I missed it)? I’ve test ridden those and they are gorgeous.
    As for helmets, I love my Nutcase. I also have a Bern helmet for the winter with built-in purple tweed ear flaps and visor. Lately, I’ve been lusting for a Yakkay, too. Can’t go wrong with that.
    I also love the PoCampo rack bag. I met and interviewed the two women who make those bags in Chicago and they are totally worth supporting, very cool.
    I’ve never seen that Cynthia Rowley bike necklace before. I know what I want for Christmas.
    Ride on!

  10. I have the Design Stockholm basket in black and I love it! Mine came with mounting hardwear that you attach to the frame under the handlebars. This allows you to attach the basket while riding, but lift it off when you get to the store to go shopping. Very handy and stylish!


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