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  1. Cute products but the quality stinks and the customer service is even worse. I bought a bag from them to carry my laptop in and within a couple of months it had fallen apart. First one of the pleather pieces came off and then the strap kept coming unattached until finally the clasp that connected the strap to the bag just broke off. I contacted Spool 72 about this but they pretty much said tough shit, that if it had happened in the first 30 days after I purchased it then they could do something about it. I would advise again this company due to the faulty products combined with their refusal to stand behind them when they break.

  2. Recently I made a purchase from Spool 72. It ended up being a horrible experience as their customer service representative, Mark, was nothing but argumentative and put fault on me and they have deleted every review I have placed on their page because it is not a positive one. Good thing they can’t delete something off of my own page. Very unprofessional. The following was my post to their page, “Not happy at all with this company. They sent me the wrong pair of boots. I contact them and they offer me either a refund of 50% or to prepay the postage fees to ship the boots back and receive the right pair. I wait and wait for the packaging label and it hasn’t come. I email them again and they sent it to a completely different email address and say it has to be scanned by the next day. A SUNDAY. When the post office isn’t open. I ask to just take the 50% refund instead because that is not possible, and they reply with the fact that they can not do that because they already shipped out the correct pair of boots and I had received them-lie, I have gotten no packages in the mail from Spool no. 72. So they extend the day on the package return to avoid processing fees, so I take it to the post office and they shorted the packaging label weight so I had to pay for it anyway! For the amount of trouble I’m going to to correct YOUR companies mistake and wasting time out of my day for it, I should be receiving both boots at no charge. I have already emailed customer service about everything and have received no offers to reimburse me or make up for your mistake.” They have no phone number to contact, only email which is a hassle when it could be taken care of with one phone call. Not impressed whatsoever.


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