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amarin thai {in san diego}…



Amarin Thai Restaurant sits sandwiched amongst residential homes on a side street of San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood. It's simple and unassuming like most Thai places yet they offer a lovely mix of traditional Thai staples {phad thai & green curry} as well as some less than common dishes not usually found at Thai restaurants in America like meung kum {a mix-and-match plate of salty, sweet, sour & crunchy toppings that get wrapped in lettuce, top photo} and larb moo {a minced pork salad, bottom photo}.

Final thoughts…4 of out of 5 happy ladies!

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. i haven’t been to that thai restaurant in hillcrest because my fave thai place there is Jimmy Wong’s Golden Dragon Asian Bistro. they have great specials, are open until 3 am, and their food is awesome. try that place next time!


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