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{giveaway} lines & shapes collection…



One of my favorite pair of collaborators, Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese, have offered a complete set of their gorgeous Lines & Shapes book series ($188 value) to one lucky Oh Joy reader. The books themselves are currently on sale individually or in sets. Or, enter to win all 10 volumes by visiting this page and then leaving a comment here telling us which Lines & Shapes edition is your favorite. Enter by Thursday, 11:59pm EST for a chance to win!


  1. I love the Swedish volume on Light. But maybe that’s because I dont’t have the Japanese Grow volume yet, they’re all so very beautiful.

  2. I love the 5th Issue. I love all the geometric patterns and the overlapping drawing of leaves and foliage! What inspiration!

  3. ‘Pair’ is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ There is something intimate and innocent, and ridiculously cute about that book. Thanks for a great give-away!

  4. I love the 8th issue:thread, with Tamar Mogendorff. Her precious, but not overly sweet plush creatures that create her world of beauty and simplicity.

  5. My vote is for #6, BLUR. I feel like it was one of the hardest ideas to interpret, and I like that the result was not a whole book of blurry photographs. There are some beautiful images in there.

  6. i absolutely love volume 1, circle. it’s one of the simplest shapes and the images in the book could still just be mundane but actually insight such inspiration!!!

  7. The thread book, #8, is a knockout. How could you not love a medium so simple used in such a fascinating way? Here’s to lucky number 13….hope I win!

  8. My favorite would be volume 7: Break. In making the art, does something in the artist break, or is it fixed? I also like that idea of having to take a break from making art. Art is play, but art is also work (I have to take a nap every time I work hard on a poem).

  9. Wow, what a great resource! I can’t believe how awesome this giveaway is. I love Thread, based on my favorite obsession. Such a simple and beautiful idea.

  10. Oh man, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on those for a while now. I’m really excited about the THREAD! Gimme! Gimme!

  11. I’ve had my eye on Blur for quite some time! That being said whichever book the top left image belongs to looks like it would be equally as appealing.

  12. I like the 4th volume – pairs and the 5th volume light.
    I love to find pairs in nature and light can change a picture or a moment captured.

  13. Oh wow…what an amazing giveaway. I’m really loving LIGHT, which features some of my favorite artists: Sandra Juto, Camilla Engman, and Elisabeth Dunker!! Fingers crossed!

  14. I love Lines&Shapes – their books are all visually inspring, but PAIR is the sweetest.Their definition makes me think of my fiance – who is my best friend and makes me the happiest pair.
    {two identical, similar, or corresponding things that are matched for use together; to match with or resemble another; to form by matching, joining}
    This a great giveaway!

  15. I love Volume 2: Block. I’m kind of obsessed with squares and cubes and straight edges and grids — maybe it has to do with my web designer background.

  16. I’ve been dropping the hint to everyone to give me Lines & Shapes as a gift idea for far too long without success! I’m amazed this is for a whole set! I definitely love Thread, but find a fondness for Light as well as Feast.

  17. OH GOODNESS! best giveaway! i love lena’s whole collection. i gave the polariod book and the plants book to my two BFFS this past Christmas. i had my eye on the mociun catalog, but sadly its sold out. regardless! the lines & shapes series is fantastic. color is my favorite.

  18. I think Circle would be my favorite. I’ve always had a love affair with circles of all kinds. Polka dots always catch my eye, and what’s not to love about something with no beginning and no end?

  19. so hard to decide, they are all great, but I guess the ice cream on vol 2 just does it to me more than the rest.

  20. My favorite is Vol. 6 – Blur.
    There’s something about a blurred or out of focus image that makes it a little more living. It seems caught or candid.
    Love all of the books – amazing giveaway!!

  21. I am most curious about COLOR since it’s the trickiest thing for me to get right. It always helps to see what other people have picked and have gotten right.

  22. my favorite is blur/vol. vi. what a stylish collection! thanks so much for the giveaway. i love reading your blog!

  23. i adore volume 4 “Pair”. i just got married so everything in my life is focused on the two of us. i love how two people, or objects, can be so different and yet reflect and complete each other…

  24. i like v. 8, thread. it’s a lucky number in the chinese culture and i love the idea of things created by threads, literally, but also that different mediums can be threaded together through beauty and creativity. it’s a cool way of thinking about all of us and all things connected together.

  25. Ooh, pretty. Tough call on which is my favorite, but I think I’ll go with vol. 5, the Swedish issue on light.

  26. How can I choose. Went through all of them and I like alle of them. So sorry, will not make a choice, they are all amazing! Would love to get my hands on them
    xo Julie

  27. these books are so beautiful, it really is difficult to choose–but i love “grow”–the shapes and colors are just perfect.

  28. They’re all lovely, but Volume 4 and Volume 9 are my favorites. I’m a terrible book addict and would love to have these to add to my collection!

  29. Hmmm…to Grow or to Gather…I can’t decide. Both are lovely.
    I haven’t seen these little books before! I can’t believe I was missing out.

  30. Volume 6- Blur. A beautiful opportunity to see images that have no definition. What you see, what someone else sees, and what the artist sees can be completely different. A great book that has the potential of limitless inspiration!
    ps. BEST giveaway ever.

  31. I love these. I’ve never seen them before and they just made me so happy to browse through. I don’t believe I was able to harrow down, but I say Volume 3!

  32. I <3 Volume 6, (BLUR)! All of the volumes are quite lovely, but I'm particularly drawn to the delightful textures and delicate use of colors in Volume 6.
    Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I really love their volume 9/ GROW! I like the image the word evokes, and the way they interpret it in nature and people and other things that fit the theme.

  34. I like the 5 th issue- the LIGHT.
    I love the light, the positive vibrations it gives and it is gathered in this lovely issue.

  35. my favorite would have to be thread since i am currently obsessing over cross-stitch and weaving. they are all beautiful though!

  36. I’ve always loved BLUR and THREAD but if I had to pick one I would say THREAD (Vol. 8). I love the way the texture and the organic imagery blend together. I think it’s inspiring in many forms of design.

  37. Volume 10 is by far my favorite; everything just pops right at you! Such an interesting concept for a series and I absolutely love it!

  38. my fave would have to be volume 8: thread bc it reminds me of those strings projects i did in elementary math class where you hammer some nails into a board and create geometric shapes/patterns using a number technique with colored string.
    it was quite the rage back in the day. ๐Ÿ™‚
    would LOVE to have the set and see what else i’m reminded of!!

  39. I would definitely have to go with the COLOR book – I think color can have such an impact on projects and it looks like Corwin and Vettese have done a masterful job conveying that here!

  40. i’ve had my eye on volume 5 for the longest time, and i’m devastated (but not surprised!) to see that it has sold out! i would love love love to have the whole collection…

  41. i love all of lines and shapes but my favorite is the thread issue. oh, i would be so excited to win the whole collection!

  42. tough call since they are all amazing. i think volume 1:circles is my favorite. i love polka dots, and circle motifs, and this seems to go hand-in-hand with that! thank you for sharing this amazing collection!

  43. Definitely have to go with GROW, although LIGHT and COLOR are tied for a close second – these are ALL great collections! PAIR would be a swell Valentine’s gift too…if you’re into that sort of thing.

  44. I like volume 5, Light. Because without light we couldn’t see the other elements. The set is just beautiful, what a wonderful prize to win. ^U^

  45. My shelves would LOVE, love volume eight: THREAD. It speaks to me as a fibers student and designer- the thread that connects all of us discriminating Oh Joy readers! I’m also very attracted to volume five and the beautiful color and movement on the volume nined :Grow cover. Thank you for your blog and contest.

  46. Volume 5 is my favorite, though I love them all and would be so thrilled to win even one-10 of them would make my year!(my husband’s too, he also loves Lines and Shapes!)

  47. hello there!
    oh my, what a fabulous, inspirational giveaway. my favorite is no. 9: GROW. it’s ethereal + whimsical + playful + delicious. so beautiful.

  48. It was such a hard one to choose,
    but I think “Pair” steals my heart away! What a beautiful concept and I think it was masterfully executed in the compilation. Corresponding things never looked -so- perfect!

  49. my favorite is volume four: pairs! have been inspired so inspired by these little books and would love to see them in real life!

  50. I LOVE Thread but currently in my photography class we are discussing light and I know that the Light book would be a fabulous reference. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  51. volume 1, ‘circle’, caught my eye .. the circle is versatile and classically interesting. works in pattern or alone — a book about it couldn’t be bad!

  52. COLOR is my favorite!! I so struggle with using color and the pictures look so inspiring. I love seeing combinations I would have NEVER thought of and being inspired to step out of my comfort zone.

  53. I really like grow. I think it would be wonderfully engaging for both adults and children.

  54. WOW! I read Lena’s blog so of course when I saw this I got soo so excited! I was already determined to buy one but the whole set would be amazing! Volume 5: LIGHT is my favorite. I have only perused it online but the soft and beautiful pictures have truly captivated me. All of the books are so wonderful and such a source of inspiration.
    Crossing my fingers!:)
    [email protected]

  55. i say nine – as i have always been a fan of the word GROW and i love a japanese themed issue. it makes me want to hop on a bus and go to kinokuniya (the amazing bookstore) in n.y.c.

  56. I love the grow issue. A great issue to spend time with on a winter’s day waiting for spring to arrive.

  57. I think my favorite is number six, BLUR. I love the concept and the artwork by Natalie Tweedie is beautiful!

  58. Wow, they are all delightful. Vol 3, “Gather” pulls together a huge breadth of ideas and multi-disciplinary interpretations of the theme, from Yu-i chan’s delicate leafy drawings (a gathering of lines) to jane & jeremy’ s “people pile-on”, to Mat Daly’s powerful colour collections and gracie and Louise’s simply divine eggs (…trips to the hen house), this is art bliss. Thank you for making us look!

  59. I love Thread! I’m currently a graphic design student creating a series piece involving altered books and garlands… it would be so inspiring to have these as inspiration. What I would give to have the money to buy these (I could count them as a supply expense… right) Lovely work!

  60. My favorite would have to be vol. 10!!! I adooooooooore color and can’t live without it! Wait…but I love vol. 1 too…and 8! oh shoot…they all rock my socks! Pick me, pick me!

  61. i love volume two, BLOCK. i would be so so incredible happy to own these visuals and use them for inspiration for future projects… squares are so solidly pleasing!

  62. What an amazing and inspiring giveaway! I flip through these at a local shop and read Lena’s blog – so it would be thrilling to win the whole set. GATHER is probably my favorite – I love the idea of collaborating and coming together and this issue expresses that concept with beauty and humor.

  63. I’m astounded by the beauty of this entire series – congrats on such an accomplishment. Volume nine GROW really resonated with me. It’s so important to continually grow and learn and evolve as an artist or designer. On a more literal note, my fiancรฉ is a plant biologist, so I have developed a great affinity for plants!

  64. The Lines and Shapes collection is truly inspiring. Each book is dreamy but I really love all of the gorgeous subtleties captured in Blur.

  65. I love the blur collection. Each piece shows how differently the artists interpreted the word. Some found stunning watercolors to embody the word blur, while others found a more traditional view of the word with a foggy photograph.

  66. I like volume 11 because it hasn’t come out yet and I’m sure it will be outragously awesome! Plus that happens to be my favorite number. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I like Seven (mostly because it is my favorite number – I like them all and I had to pick one). I think Reka Kiraly’s work is wonderful.

  68. Light or Grow, #5 or #9…. Hard decision, but I think GROW is my absolute favorite. Love them all.

  69. Ugh!! It is so hard to choose a favorite! The light issue is probably the one I am most inspired by. I am a photography student, and I just really appreciate the beauty of natural light and the story it can tell. I love all of the unique and broad perspectives of the artists. All of these books are so inspiring though… I would love to own the whole series one day!

  70. I’m in love with Issue 8-THREAD. I love nothing more than thread, geometric shapes, repetitive fractal shapes in nature, and typography and I get all of the above in this issue! Amazing work.

  71. My vote is for Blur! The images are beautiful and mystical, like something you should look at before you go to sleep to have nice dreams. What a great giveaway!

  72. I still have 20 minutes left…i couldn’t choose, but i ordered 2 already…but wouldn’t it be great to win the whole set!
    WAUWIE…i would love too!
    Break and circle are the ones i am most curious about. The swedish one is a kind of wannahave with all the swedish stars in it! Just like the japanese one!
    I choose thes too because Reka Kiraly is a real favourite an i guess…i need a break to go trough all of them! And circle, that makes it all completed with the founders Lena and Maria!

  73. Oh, they’re all so wonderful… I spent an absurd amount of time poring over the tiny preview shots of each volume; what a well of inspiration they’d be in reality. I think the one that excited me most, though, was Vol. 6, Blur. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!

  74. i say it’s a tossup between gather and thread – i love both! i am a sucker for patterns and repetition though…maybe that stems from some sort of repressed childhood emotions?

  75. Gather – I love adding pleated and gathered details in the clothing I make, so this one really appeals to me. What a beautiful series!

  76. Just under the wire.
    My favorite is issue 5 – Light. Elisabeth Dunker, Camilla Engman, Karin Eriksson…too good to be true.
    Thanks for the sweat givaway!

  77. These are all gorgeous, but I think my favourite, by far, would have to be CIRCLES! Something about it…. Thanks for having this great giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. BLUR: oh, for the mystique, the soft mystery! The sleepy haze. Delicate fog. Uncertainty. Blur is by far my favorite beauty among these books. I would appreciate each and every one…but how I would treasure blur.

  79. I find it very important to have light in my life, in all sorts of ways, and volume 5 reflects my desires in a wonderful manner.

  80. Los quiero todos!
    I like the Thread volume, but i would prefer not to choose. I love them all!
    Cheers from Canary Islands, Spain. Iยดm in love with your blog and your work!

  81. They are all such cool design inspiration but something about THREAD really did it for me. The images and and the concept of connectedness and sinuousness running through it. Sinuousness. Never used that word before.

  82. LIGHT, Volume 5 is my favorite for it’s subject matter and the Swedish cast within. The whole series is a never ending cascade of inspiration.

  83. Vol. 7: my admiration for broken & fragmented objects drew me to this vol.
    Vol. 1: I love all thing shapes but esp. circles. The mathematical constant of the circle: diameter/radius is mind boggling! Love love.
    Vol. 8: My fav. because thread represent ways in which everything in life is interconnected.

  84. my favorite issue is light, i have a serious crush on elisabeth dunker and sandra juto’s work. the color issue, though, is a close second.
    such a great giveaway!!

  85. My favorite is thread, specially how it is present around us in places we don’t even notice it…
    Great books!

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