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  1. I stopped in there as well a few days ago (sadly, my camera was not with me). I adore that store (and the restaurant Urban Solace right next to it). There was a big sleepy dog lounging in the doorway when I got there. So perfect.

  2. How funny, I love Urban Solace but have never been in this store before! Thanks for the tip Joy, I’ll be stopping in next time I eat breakfast at Urban Solace.

  3. I’ve never been much of a house plant sort of guy, but a wall like that would be awesome. Currently we’ve confined our houseplant to a jar. Maybe someday when we get a bigger place… but until then I’m pretty happy with this little guy.
    I used to go pick up epiphyllum for my parents at the San Diego zoo when I lived in Southern California. They have varieties there you couldn’t find anywhere else.

  4. a wall of spices would be great in my house….every time I sat down to cook I could pull a little bit down. much easier than to grow in the summer in Chicago and then pull and store through the winter. great idea.

  5. so gorgeous! wish I could go visit right now. it’s so rainy out and those photos are so inviting. and I just adore those orbs. not sure if that’s what they are called but you know what I mean… If my apartment had more light and I didn’t manage to kill all my plants, I would totally get some 🙂

  6. I hope you went around the corner to Kate Ross on 30th. She has the best clothes and shoes for men and women. I love both of those shops. Chiropractique has a bunch of Tend greenery too. I love those pockets.


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