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{taste tested}: maison bouche les croquants bar



There are two camps of chocolate lovers. #1…the purists who want nothing but pure, smooth chocolate when consuming their morsels of delight. And #2 {my camp}, those that enjoy their cocoa with a bit of crunch and texture…with nuts, puffed rice, or any other added kick of crisp.

Maison Bouche's Les Croquants bars are perfect for the crunch camp folks like me. With crunchy ingredients like crispy crêpes, butter cookies, caramelized almonds, and baked rice mixed into the bars, they are like the french grown-up version of the Crunch bar {if the crunch bar took etiquette classes and spent a semester in Paris at art school}. I enjoyed the Crêpes Croquants bar–baked and crumbled crêpe blended into dark chocolate –creating a fine, sweet, delicate wisp of crunch in every bite.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Glad to see they sell these bars in Salt Lake City! I will have to pick one up and try it. thanks for the recommendation.

  2. My friend Diane makes these! They really are the delicious (the crunchy bars are my fav, but they also come in other non-crunchy flavors as well)! You can order them from her website or you can also find a list of the retail stores that carry her line of chocolates and caramels as well.


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