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oh bob…



Over the years, this blog has certainly been known for its girly goodness. My floral, soft, and feminine preferences are pretty obvious to anyone who spends even a minute perusing this site. Last year, my former assistant Andrea & I used to joke that my husband, Robert {aka Bob}, should get his own column–poignantly named Oh Bob! While he spends his days operating on childrens' bones & joints, I gotta say, my husband is probably the most stylish doc I know. So, for 2010, Oh Bob is getting his own little section which he'll contribute to from time-to-time. Oh Bob will offer some finds for the Oh Joy reader's boyfriend, husband, brother, secret crush, or best friend. Stay tuned for the first Oh Bob post coming up shortly!

{above: Bob and I at Avatar recently with our hipster chic 3D glasses}


  1. Oh, that’s so fun and sweet! And I really welcome some more boyfriend oriented and generally men oriented inputs in this blogosphere!
    I should think to a “Daily Filo” feature for my lovely boyfriend on my blog too… 😀
    Welcome Bob!
    Ciao from Italy

  2. Oh Joy, what a fab concept and yes he is definitely the most stylish doc I’ve ever seen! Loving your new design too, so beautiful as always.

  3. such a great idea, joy. your posts continuously make me smile. can’t wait to see what your man has to say!!!
    happy new year to you both.

  4. I LOVE the update to your site design! So clean, yet still full of character. And I love transparencies in any kind of design. Kudos!

  5. that sounds awesome! I’m gonna keep an eye out for the oh bob! column. can’t wait to read it. I love the concept of having someone balance out the girliness of things. I have my boyfriend to keep me in check so I won’t become consumed in ruffles and lace.


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