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  1. I have a feeling I am going to really enjoy these oh Bob! posts. 🙂 I sent this page to a guy friend and he immediately replied “why is there only one post?” haha

  2. Thanks a ton for including Bonobos! I love that all the pieces you included show how “boring” colors (brown/gray) can be exciting and create an amazing look through patterns, textures, accents, etc. Those Paul Smith sneakers have got to be my favorite piece up there (next to the pants, of course!). I spent the weekend in my Clean Slates and a pair of white PF Flyers–awesome combo.
    Thanks again and reach out to us anytime!
    Marshall and the Bonobos Ninjas

  3. I love seeing style from a male perspective. My husband usually looks good for work and sheds his style once he’s home. I’d love to see him sporting an outfit like this on a day off.


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