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oh joy eats lunch with {dwellstudio}…



This Happy Lady often wonders what other people are eating for lunch. Last night's leftovers, quick bodega bites, or a fave mid-day restaurant? So to quell my curiosity, I'll be asking various folks in the design and food world what they're having for lunch on any given day. It's a visual food interview of sorts paying homage to an often neglected, under-appreciated mid-day meal. Enjoy!

Who  Christiane Lemieux – Founder, DwellStudio

Where  At my desk in the office (always) and usually during a meeting.

Time  2:30pm…today was a crazy day, back to back meetings until now.

What's a typical lunch for you?  Always ordering in…the great thing about working in New York {in Soho for that matter} is you can have anything. We all rotate between salads from Balthazar, Mexican from La Esquina {fish tacos pictured here and yes….they were delicious!}, Vietnamese from Viet Café or Olives {the local sandwich place}. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day because I don't have to cook it, and I can get whatever I crave! I also put hot sauce on everything. We have a whole fridge full at the office.

What's your dream/ideal lunch?  If work/time/geographical constraints weren't a factor, a leisurely lunch with my family at Le Comptoir du Relais in Paris on sunny June afternoon. Or, in New York I would choose a late lunch at Balthazar.  It's so chic. And at lunch, it really is people from the neighborhood so it's not crazy.

Dessert with lunch?  Sadly no – I am still working on the baby weight…but if I were to have dessert, I'd definitely have the amazing chocolate chip cookies from Birdbath!

{photo by dwellstudio}


  1. This is such a fun series – I completely relate to her answers and can’t wait to read more! Lunch is indeed quite underappreciated, yet I’d be lost without the daily, warp speed chow down at my desk.


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