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missed connections…



I've been totally obsessed with these quirky and beautifully illustrated Missed Connections prints by Sophie Blackall ever since Joanna posted them a couple weeks ago. When I lived in NY, I used to read the missed connections listings like a juicy romance novel. So interesting to see the regrets people have in not striking up a conversation or getting a phone number. These prints capture them to a tee.


  1. My friends and I were just talking about Missed Connections this past weekend (and how much we also love reading them!) and said it would be great if someone made mini movies out of them. These are just as great. This is such a brilliant idea!

  2. i love them too! they would make an AWESOME coffee table book.
    i’m always dying to know if any of those missed connections actually got connected, or if either party saw the illustrations made from the ad.

  3. A few years ago I was Obsessed with miss connections on Craigslist. So funny to read. Even better with an illustration!


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