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pomelo love…




Native to Southeast Asia, the pomelo {also known as a Chinese grapefruit} is usually pale green to yellow on the outside when ripe, with sweet white or pale yellow flesh and very thick spongy rind. I first tried a pomelo last year and have since fallen in love with this grapefruit doppelgänger. It's like a mild, less bitter grapefruit and way more fun to eat.

Pomelos are really big {almost as big as your head!}, so one half is often equal to a normal grapefruit. When eating, be sure to peel off the thick spongy rind as well as the skin layers between each segment. While you can certainly peel it like an orange, it's best not to eat the skin as it's super bitter. The skin is surprisingly easy to peel off using a combination of a small knife and your bare hands. You can find pomelos at your local farmer's market, Asian grocery store, and sometimes at your local chain grocery store. Just look for what looks like a giant green or yellow grapefruit, and that's a pomelo!

{photos by Oh Joy. napkin from Dwellstudio, guest check tray from Fishs Eddy.}


  1. THAT’S what they’re called! now my friends and i can stop referring to it as “like a grapefruit, but not sour.”

  2. our neighbor has one of these trees and we’ve been lucky enough to find several on our side of the fence recently. mmm pomelo juice.
    p.s. followed you over on oh joy for a while. love this addition!

  3. thanks for a great post joy!
    i love pomelo! you will love this dessert i recently discovered in hong kong!
    mango pomelo sago dessert!

  4. nice to see the pomelo get some blogger love. it’s a fantastic fruit. also got a great kick out of the plate. my parents owned a chinese restaurant when we were kids and we had those receipt books. I might have to get some for myself.

  5. the first time I bought a pomelo, i wasn’t paying attention and I thought it was a small melon! I got a shock when I cut it open, but a nice surprise when I tasted it.

  6. We used to eat these when I lived in Papua New Guinea as a kid. The flesh was pinker in my memory. My mum used to segment the whole thing for us and we would eat it dipped in icing sugar!

  7. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Pomellos! I have even mastered the art of peeling them (not an easy taste).
    I first had one in Israel about ten years ago – been in love ever since.


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