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oh bekka!



For the last few years, I've worked with interns to assist with the design work at my studio. Previously, they worked mostly for the studio and helped occasionally with the blog. But I've recently decided to bring on Bekka Palmer as our first blog-only intern. She sent me the best cover letter I've ever read, so I was crazy not to meet with her. Bekka will be contributing to various parts of the Oh Joy blog and assist mostly with our "this & that" column. 

Here's a little more about Bekka:

Bekka is a graphic designer who spends her days doing internet marketing and freelance graphic & web design on the side. She's obsessed with fashion and interiors and finds herself spending hours a day reading home design and fashion blogs. She's working on improving her primitive sewing skills and has found designing and sewing clothes to be especially rewarding {although she still love to shop!}. Outside of the design world, she's an amateur runner and currently training for a 200 mile team relay! Welcome Bekka!


  1. Hi Bekka! You’re training for a relay? That’s amazing! Looking forward to your posts! Hopefully some are running inspired.. I need motivation…to exercise.. it’s so cold here! 🙂

  2. Your job sounds like a dream Bekka! I’ve been applying and applying for design related positions in the Chicago area and I would love love love to see that winning cover letter! Any advice you have to offer would also be so greatly appreciated! Congrats!

  3. I think Joy would agree with me that the three things that made my cover letter stand out were attention to detail, personalization and directness.
    Attention to detail: I used a layout and format that complemented the Oh Joy aesthetic, and I made sure there were no typos or spelling errors. I made it obvious that I knew her style, and that this letter was written for her. If you don’t make the recipient of your letter feel special then how would you ever make their clients feel that way?
    Personalization: By personalization, I don’t mean that you should write “Dear Joy” instead of “to whom it may concern” (which you should). I mean, I had been following the blog for several years, so I knew what style she liked and that she had a new food blog, so I knew what kinds of foods she liked. I also follow ohjoystudio on twitter, and knew she had recently moved to San Diego. I used things we had in common to build connections between us. If I had to give a specific piece of advice here, I would say to know at least 3 things about your recipient that aren’t front and center on their website and relate to them. Follow them on twitter, read their blog, Google them so you can find out some details.
    Directness: I knew I wanted to work for Oh Joy, and I would be willing to do an unpaid internship in order to do this. I wasn’t trolling every design blog looking for work, I was certain that Oh Joy would be a good fit and I told her that. Be clear about your expectations, if you want a job that will pay for your rent and your Manolo Blahniks then say it.

  4. i can REALLY appreciate that joy {wise as you are} brought in a fresh voice with (obviously) impeccable writing skills & a serious interest in seeing the beauty and communicating it. i love your feedback on the cover letter—and that you met the challenge with confidence, grace, and ease. can’t wait to hear more from you, bekka! i like you already!

  5. Kudos! Sounds like it will work out well (and be fun) for both of you.
    If you’re ever so inclined, it sounds like a bunch of us are curious to read the actual letter (maybe a link?). You could cross out any parts you don’t want us to read!
    Either way, good luck and have fun!

  6. Weclome Bekka! Been an Oh Joy (and Joy) fan for ages, and am excited to see new additions, like Bob and yourself to its contributors.

  7. As if I’d read my own resume. I just can’t get enough of browsing interior design, fashion and food blogs.:D
    So, welcome, Bekka!
    I enjoy the “this ‘n’ that” column a lot!
    I’m sure you’ll make a good job.
    Best, Agnes

  8. I’m curious to find out a bit more about how Bekka’s cover letter was the best that you’ve read, Joy. I’ve actually had no luck with jobs lately and hearing about Bekka’s cover letter, I’ve love to hear more about it as I seem to have trouble conveying what it is I love about whatever I’m applying for. Thanks!

  9. I love design sponge & oh joy of course, im excited to check out some of the other blogs that you read. Also, thanks for the pointers on the cover letter, I never really knew what to do with it, but that really helps. I didnt think about customizing it so much. Good luck with the new job! Im super envious


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