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{taste tested}: calpico




Since living on the West Coast, I've been exposed to more fun Japanese staples then I previously knew about. Calpico {known in Japan as Calpis} is a tasty and refreshing yogurt-based beverage that I now totally adore. The milky white water tastes like a very watered-down tart yogurt. While it may not sound or look too enticing, it's super refreshing and good for you with its lactobacillic components. The thirst-quencher comes in concentrate, original, or soda form. I recently had a calpico cocktail {the soda version mixed with saki}, and it was good! You can find Calpico at your local Japanese or Asian grocery store or at the online sites below.

{Photos by Taku Satoh Design Office. Purchase Calpico online stateside here and here.}


  1. I adore Calpico! everything that has to do with yogurth I’M IN…can’t wait to try your fro-yo recipe 🙂
    love your blogs too!
    greetings from mexico

  2. I used to drink this when I was little. My mom would buy it and I loved the packaging too.. I used to save all the polka dot paper!

  3. When I was in Tokyo last spring my travel buddy and I played a game where we would choose mysterious beverages from the plethora of vending machines around and then photograph each other with either a thumbs up or down. Calpis was totally my favorite!
    but I must say, I don’t remember the packaging being this lovely! Love those polkas!

  4. Ah, LOVE Calpis! That’s the only thing we drank from the street vending machines in Japan, so good hot or cold! And Royal Milk Tea too – yum!

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