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{taste tested}: petite bouchée salted butter caramels




Dear Petite Bouchée Salted Butter Caramels,

I think I am in love. You are sweet, salty, soft, buttery rich, and delectable. I love that you have a variety of moods, but I think I love you most when you are caffeinated, hot-tempered, and salty. Do you want to get married and have tiny salted butter caramel babies? Don't tell Fran that I am cheating on her. I love you both…just in different ways. I would even consider spreading you on my toast tomorrow morning.

-Happy Lady {5 out of 5 happy ladies, indeed!}

{top photo by Oh Joy. bottom photo by Petite Bouchée.}*


  1. Oh goodness, this isn’t even fair! Looking at those perfect caramels and those little grains of salt through a computer screen is plain torture.

  2. Thanks for posting this as I’ve actually been looking for a good salted caramel source. I think I’ll treat myself to a tin of {fleur de sel} from Petite Bouchée!

  3. Have you tried the caramel from SD’s Elegant Truffle on Scott St? It’s a 100 year old recipe that the owner has from her grandmother and an awesome copper pot in which she stirs and stirs. It’s not salted, but it’s to die for and I have it shipped to NM, it’s that good!


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