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the prettiest tavern in {brentwood}…


Tavern-brentwood1 Tavern-brentwood2 Tavern-brentwood3 Tavern-brentwood-4

Tavern in Brentwood is a spot where I could spend a whole afternoon laughing, lounging, and lunching with friends. The gorgeous, sun-filled dining room feels like your dream outdoor patio mixed with a swanky indoor hotel lounge. I found their Sunday brunch {with lunch desserts} to be quite lovely as well as the French Macarons I grabbed on the go.

Final thoughts…4.5 out of 5 happy ladies for food, decor, comfort, and the attached bakery!

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Your photos were so adorable, I visited their website…what an elegant, relaxed spot to enjoy a meal! Wish there was something like it in Philadelphia.

  2. Everytime I visit your blog, I wish I was far away from Sydney and across the other side of the world… *drool*


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