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happy friday + a fresh update…



Happy Friday all! A couple weeks ago, I had a fun little photo shoot with Bonnie Tsang and Mrs. Lilien as I was in dire need of some updated bio photos. We shot a mix of fun shots for Oh Joy and for Oh Joy Eats, and I'm thrilled with how they came out. Also, the backgrounds here give you a sneak peek at the Oh Joy wallpaper collection launching this summer! Have a great weekend all!

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang, styling by Mrs. Lilien, corsage by Psst…just a reminder that for those of you who read my food blog through RSS, it turns out you will need to update your feed subscription right here.}


  1. Congrats on the wallpaper collection – an absolute want on my wishlist! you’re so incredible and so talented. love love your blog and product site. i read them religiously and always looking forward to ’em like it’s xmas morning 🙂 keep ’em coming! 🙂 also where do you find that gorgeous orange flower pin? homemade probably? hehe…

  2. wow!!! You look so cute!!! What great “pop” colors, and who doesn’t love cupcakes!?!?! So glad you decided to have a photo shoot…they came out lovely!!!

  3. Oh Joy wallpaper???? I CAN’T WAIT! I love that one in the picture and I love everything on your blogs so I know I will love this new collection! Happy Friday!

  4. bonnie did a great job with the photos & so did mrs. lilien with the styling! i love the color paletted & playfulness of the photos 🙂

  5. I mean I think these might be the cutest profile pictures I’ve ever seen!! I love everything about them.. the styling, the colors, the wallpaper, your lipstick, the cupcake. LOVE!

  6. So loving your blog every since I stumlbed upon it. Your blog is cheery and up lifting. My last post on my blog was about you and the inspiration you give. so feel free to check me out at Every Friday I share what I’m a fan of and you were it this week. You have inspired me to wear more orange. Take care.

  7. thanks everyone! for those who asked about the nail polish:
    It’s revlon’s tropical tempation. Also essie’s cute as a button is a similar shade!

  8. Thanks everyone! For those who asked about the nail polish:
    Its revlons tropical tempation. also essies cute as a button is a similar shade!

  9. i love the photos, wallpaper, your yellow cardigan and flower pin. i can’t help but feel like your life is TOO cool with a friend who styles, a friend who photographs and you with your magical eye for design. i’m in awe!

  10. I’m loving your photos! Adorable! I’ve looked at your blog for a long time and love every post! Its full of excitment! I’m so excited for your new book coming out in the fall!

  11. I really love your nail polish! I’ve been searching for the perfect coral color for ages…where did you get this one? Really cute pictures 🙂


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