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happy lalalady…



Fun news! This Happy Lady is moving to lala land! Come August, you can expect my location-based posts to include more Los Angeles area culinary adventures as I travel the far ends of the city in search of gastric delights. But fear not, I aim to help food lovers everywhere eat more happily so there will always be culinary treats and treasures here for all of you…no matter where you are!

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    What area? The recent posts I’ve read regarding LA are about joints in the Hancock Park/Mid-Wilshire area.
    Anyway, here’s a very early “Welcome to the Neighborhood!”

  2. De-lurking here… we LOVE Happy Lady Eats and we’re so glad you’re moving to our neck of the woods!! Can’t wait to try out your LA suggestions!

  3. You must go to Real Food Daily on La Cienega in West Hollywood! Its a vegan restaurant that fills you right up! For desert, they make a faux-stess cupcake out of vegan chocolate cake and coconut creme. (and last week Jason Schwartzman was having dinner when I was there). Enjoy!

  4. yay! can’t wait to read all about the crazy and beautiful world of lovely food in LA. all the best in your move ! 🙂


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