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{taste tested}: bacon bourbon caramel corn…



Dear Salted Caramel,

As a child I never found myself drawn to caramel corn. While other kids saved their pennies for Cracker Jacks, I much preferred snacks of other sorts. However, in some miracle sent from the popcorn gods, you've given me that child-like penchant for the sweet & salty snack, whacked it on the head, and cast a magical spell upon it with concoctions of bacon and bourbon. Sweet, salty, savory, melty, crunchy, and rich–your bacon bourbon caramel corn is simply magical. Move over salted nuts and chips, there's a new, fancier party snack in town.

Yours truly,
Happy Lady (5 out of 5 happy ladies, indeed!)

{photo by Oh Joy}*


  1. hmmm…i may have to try this version of bacon-sweet. I tried the chocolate covered bacon at dean & deluca and was grossed out. But…this looks amazing!

  2. a true friend gave me chocolate covered bacon for valentine’s day… lots of ‘yucks’ from the peanut gallery until they tasted it and then ‘huh well that actually makes sense’ the friend who gave it to me was stunned at my dinner party when i served potato chips with the chocolate fountain. (i also sneak in ham pieces when everyone leaves!)

  3. Who doesn’t love the combination of sweet and salty?! Another great sweet & salty popcorn is The Chicago Mix at Garrett Popcorn Shops in Chicago. Sweet, caramel-y, crispy popcorn + salty, cheesy, light & airy popcorn = a match made in heaven.
    All in the same popcorn bag! Chi City definitely knows how to ma-ma-mix it up!


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