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happy friday + little gestures…



Happy Friday all! Earlier this week, my friend Sara surprised me with a sweet little gift in the mail…this vintage Liberty of London scarf she said made her think of me! Mailbox surprises and little gestures like that make any day even better {Thanks Sara!}. Hope you all have some fun things planned for the weekend. I'm making it my mission to slowly check off restaurants on my San Diego food list before we move to LA in a few months. Have a great weekend all!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I had no idea you were located in San Diego. It’s always encouraging to find another California girl making the world a little prettier. Thanks for your beautiful blog, insite, and design eye; they brighten up many of my days.

  2. those are the best gifts!
    could you post a list of all the good secret eats in sd?? i go down to sd about twice a month & would love new places to try with my husband!

  3. I also never realized you were in SD. Which restaurants are still on your list to try?
    We’re big fans of Costa Brava in PB – the best tapas I’ve had outside of Spain.


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