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oh joy eats lunch with {bonnie tsang}…



Who  Bonnie Tsang / Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

Where  Jin Patisserie in Venice, CA

Time 11:30am

What's a typical lunch for you? 
Anything that's not too heavy, such as salad, sandwich {like this Smoked Salmon BLT}, or noodles, to prevent myself from having a "food coma."

What's your dream/ideal lunch? 
If work/time/geographical constraints weren't a factor, my dream lunch would have to be somewhere in Paris with a nice selection of cheese and meats, a glass of wine, and lots of people watching.

Dessert with lunch?  I didn't get into sweets until after my daughter was born, so dessert after a meal is a must now.  I usually pour myself a small glass of Muscat after lunch–my favorite is Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato d'Asti 2007. Besides that, my favorite go-to dessert is a bowl of coffee ice cream sprinkled with sea salt made at home.

by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. I think I allready have been told about this topic
    at work 1 day ago by a friend, but at that time
    it didn’t caugh my attention.


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