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happy lady factoid…



Lovers of the brothy & rich Vietnamese noodles known as Phở, take note. While very commonly mispronounced as "foe", it's actually pronouced "fuh" and rhymes with "duh" {click on the listen button right here}.  So, next time you've got a hankering to slurp down this Vietnamese comfort food, impress the waiter with your handy lingual knowledge and say it like the Vietnamese do. Phở real.

{Photo by Jason Loucas for Gourmet Traveller}


  1. love this little tidbit. I definitely had to ask my brother how to say it, and ever since, I’m the one correcting people. haha.

  2. omg…there is no stopping Pho. I seriously think once it enters your body it enters your bloodstream and it has this unique taste that you crave constantly. Been needing some that past couple of days! Some good Pho in LA – try Blossom in Downtown LA!


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