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Every time I walk into my favorite San Diego home decor shop, Pigment, these gorgeous terrariums surround me in a flutter of beautiful green. I just discovered that they are the work of the super-talented design studio Tend
. So, so beautiful…and I especially love their wedding centerpieces too…

{see some of my past photos of the terrariums at Pigment here and here}


  1. I love terrariums also! Thanks for reminding me. My mom use to get us to make a few every summer.

  2. I wish I live nearby and pick up some of these cute tanks home…
    Asia weather is so humid. I bet the plants in the tank won’t remain the same at a week 😛

  3. Omigosh, I love that! it’s a clevver little planter! that’s probably the cutest planter I’ve ever seen. I call it a planter, sue me.


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