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lunch lady tip {no.01} wheat tortilla rolls…



Thanks again for all your amazing quickie lunch suggestions from a couple weeks ago! I am loving your ideas which have inspired me to make homemade lunches a higher priority! As I try out your suggestions and discover lunch ideas on my own, I'll be posting them here to share with all of you. This first one is a wrap of sorts I discovered and had for lunch almost everyday last week.

You'll need:

-whole wheat tortillas {I like the handmade kind from Trader Joe's which are way better than regular wraps}

-feta cheese {I like basil & garlic feta}

-hummus {jalapeno or garlic are my faves}

-thinly sliced almonds

-sliced roma tomato {that size is just enough for one lunch}

-optional: sauteed mushrooms {which I had leftover from dinner but aren't necessary}

Spread all items on the tortillas, roll up, and enjoy! With these ingredients you get a medley of textures and flavors–soft, crunchy, salty, rich, creamy that are also high in protein. Enjoy!


{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Hmm? I just may. Looks quite tasty. I have never tried hummus, I’ve always wondered about it when I heard an ex-coworker mentioned she liked it.
    Thanks for sharing, happy eats to you always, just love your blog.

  2. That is one BEAUTIFUL tomato! My mouth is watering… if I could eat cheese, this would be a very great lunch. 🙂

  3. This looks absolutely delicious. Fresh and full of protein, which is what I need to get through the afternoon. I will be trying this recipe next week.

  4. Sounds & looks delicious! I’ll have to try this using a gluten-free tortilla instead of whole wheat (btw- love TJ). Thank you for sharing!


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