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  1. gorgeous photos. i was in palm springs too this last weekend (also a girls weekend-ette)! small world 🙂 we stayed at the ace and it was lovely. now i want to try the parker!

  2. I recently went there and took almost the exact same shots as you did! Parker is just an overload of things to take pictures of!

  3. hi sophie!
    i thought normas was fun and has a great ambiance and pretty good food. the service however is very slow. im posting about it on my food blog tomorrow and would give it 3.5 out of 5. have you been?

  4. hi all,
    regarding the camera – you wont believe it but its actually my iphone! i have a nice DSLR too which i use for my flower shots and also all the photos on my food blog that ive taken. but these are from the iphone. i used a combo of the Shake It app and the Hipstamatic app for these photos in particular!


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