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casual vietnamese in {silverlake}…



When I move to LA this summer, I suspect Gingergrass in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles will be one of my a go-to spots. With fun drinks like the basil-lime elixir and fresh ginger limeade and Vietnamese staples like banh mi and summer rolls, it makes for a not-so-ordinary lunch spot to meet up with friends.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies for easy Vietnamese staples as well as less common dishes like shrimp chips {shown below} and okra {shown above}.


{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. There are MUCH better (and cuter) Vietnamese spots to go to, even near Silverlake, though your best bet for the good stuff would be in the San Gabriel Valley about 15 min from Silverlake! Even Viet Noodle Bar & Vietnamese Soy Cafe about a mile away in Atwater Village out shine Gingergrass! (And are both cheaper!) But I will say Gingergrass makes a delicious house spring roll with jicama!

  2. we just went there for lunch a few months ago and loved it! and @zinzi is right, they have really good desserts too. in fact, i had the best bread pudding i’ve ever had there and can’t wait to go back.
    i don’t know about the food in the san gabriel valley (other than one yummy sushi place whose name escapes me right now), but we did LOVE san marino. it’s such a cute little town (looks very east coast…father of the bride was set there). and only 10 miles from downtown la (i lived in la for a year and had no idea!). so if you’re still deciding where to live, you might consider adding it to the list (though it’s certainly family-oriented)…


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