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perfectly frosted in {long beach}…





I had the chance to sample Frosted Cupcakery's much raved about cupcakes at my party last fall, and have been lusting after their ice cream cupcakes ever since. With two locations in Long Beach and Hollywood, Frosted offers the perfect mix of a modern bakery experience with a high taste level. It's not all flash and no substance like many trendy cupcake shops are these days.

The ice cream cupcake was even better than I had imagined…moist cake surrounding a single scoop of ice cream. It's like my favorite childhood birthday party treat in one compact package. The regular cupcakes were perfectly moist and not too sweet. Even hubby {who doesn't have the biggest sweet tooth} thought his carrot cream cheese cupcake, was the best and most moist he had ever had.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies for moist, not too sweet cupcakes…and, of course, the ice cream version which I will now proceed to have daydreams about.



{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. My favorite is their Chocolate Chocolate cupcake and my friends just love to get “frosting shots” for 50 cents. I love Frosted!!!!


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