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  1. I love the contrast of such a modern line with the retro pictures of Brooklyn. What a great concept. And while I am sure it saved a lot of money to use employees, it shows they believe in their product, and made it so fun for their employees to showcase something they had a part in!

  2. i love their clothes, one day i might be able to afford them. love what they are doing here as well, love the vintagy modern feel, it’s kinda like some of their clothes.

  3. what a great idea, so cheerful. i especially love the top image, with the pop of yellow. and the second image with the little added bird on the side. just perfect.

  4. That’s cool, but it seems the prettiest two girls – the top and bottom images here – aren’t on Brooklyn Industries staff. They might be models ,-) I don’t know who first started this kind of employee engagement, but J. Crew catalog did a great job, too.


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