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{taste tested}: ugly truffles



I love a brand with a good sense of humor. Chocolate Gourmet's Ugly Truffles and Damn Good Cookies make no claims about being the prettiest of confections out there, but they do want to let you know how good they are. I had a chance to try out both and found myself especially in love with their coconut varietals of the Hairy Coconut truffle {bottom right shown} and the Controlling Coconut cookie {probably one of the best cookies I've ever had}. Oh, and the Overprotective Pecan {with huge chunks of chocolate} tastes like something right out of Mom's oven. Sure, the packaging is low frills and the cookies may not be winning the beauty pageant based on their looks, but the taste level is definitely present.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies for tasty and fun flavor combinations and for making humor a priority.

{photos by Oh Joy}*


  1. a dear friend works at chocolate gourmet and i have had the pleasure of tasting some of the samples he’s allowed to bring home. YUM. thanks for featuring this delicious company!

  2. What, seriously? Those truffles are gorgeous! I love the different colours and textures (and the names are awesome too).


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