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a bonfire cioppino…



…some snapshots from a fun Mother's Day bonfire yesterday on the beach with a big group of friends and family. My brother-in-law whipped up a ton of tasty concoctions over the open fire, including grilled skate, pork belly, grilled peaches, s'mores, and this super tasty cioppino shown above {before and after shots}. In case you're curious about what was in that delicious hot pot, see below the jump…

{photos by Oh Joy}

In this cioppino:
-chopped canned tomato
-onion & garlic (sweated)
-black pepper
-cod (large cubes)
-calamari rings
-oyster mushrooms
-idaho potatoes
-corn (on the cob, cut)
-white wine (whole bottle)
-crab stock (homemade)
-sea salt
-red pepper flakes
-garlic & dill buttered baguette


  1. What camera did you use to shoot these photos? I love the border, the lighting and the wonderful flat colors!
    (Also, I don’t even particularly like seafood and this looks delicious!)

  2. Hi Katie,
    These were actually shot with my iPhone and then run through the Cross Process app in the phone!

  3. This looks amazing! Cioppino is a favorite, but I’ve never thought of cooking it on the beach…totally makes sense!

  4. Next time you are in San Diego, you MUST try Stratford Court Cafe in Del Mar.
    You would love it. It’s a little house that was made into an all outdoor restaurant!


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