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{taste tested}: georgetown cupcakes…






I swear this isn't a cupcake blog…but I've been a lucky girl to have tried so many in the last couple weeks! Yesterday was my birthday, and some dear friends sent me cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. Similar to last week's delivery, they shipped overnight and arrived perfectly packaged so as not to toy with the creamy frosted tops. My favorites were the Chocolate 3 {with valrhona chocolate}, Coconut, and Carrot Cake.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies! Despite traveling across the country, the cakes were super moist and tasted as if they were picked up at the shop that very day. Levels of frosting sweetness varied per flavor, but as far as gift-giving cupcakes go, I can't imagine them getting much better than this.

{photos by Oh Joy. Doily coasters by Jansen, linens by Fog Linen.}


  1. looks Yummy! I like your little croco, I’m trying to guess it’s purpose, is it just a funny object?

  2. I’ve always been nervous to ship cupcakes. I’m happy to hear that it can be done safely:).
    Are those little coasters that look like doilies?

  3. I’m a DC native now living in the Bay Area, and all my friends back home have been raving about Georgetown Cupcake! I was so jealous and have been wanting to try them, but now that I know they can ship, I just might have to get my hands on some… 🙂

  4. I am majorly kicking myself right now – we were in DC a few weeks ago & I remember my friend saying we would have to go here, & then for some reason we didn’t get around to it. Huge mistake, obviously! They look divine.

  5. stop it, joy! you’re killing me with these cupcake posts. luckily in hawai`i we have the best cupcakes around: CAKE COUTURE.
    next time you’re in town, check it out.

  6. hi joy!
    is your little crock from the high street market etsy shop? i thought i saw one on there just like that.
    xo ms. bravo!

  7. I’m always excited for cupcakes (who can resist!) and I’ve been out of town without internet so I now I have to relay one of the most belated happy birthday wishes ever! Happy birthday Joy, here’s to more sweet treats on the ohjoyeats blog~

  8. I live in Baltimore (45min ~ 1hr drive) from Georgetown and I will gladly make the trek to get Georgetown cupcakes.. yummm. Next time, ask your friend to send you a red velvet and a chocolate/ peanut butter cupcake. They are my fav..


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