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  1. I love the colors of that top one. It would be so stylish on a living room wall. I’ve framed small local maps but I would love to get just one big world one.

  2. ive been wanting one of these forever. i think i may get one for chris for (my) birthday. good idea, right?

  3. These maps are great!
    I was looking at Urban Outfitters the other day and they have a few reasonably priced map options. The have this atlas tapestry for just $36 and they have this world map wall mural for $140. I am really considering the tapestry. That price is to good.

  4. I love the map trend that’s around at the moment, and these are so striking. Especially keen on a map print ceramic tray I’ve recently come across, too. Just wish I could convince my partner, who says they’re too “schoolroom” for his taste…

  5. I had always wanted one too so when I moved back in my dorm room last year I finally treated myself to one. I love it. I’ve started tacking postcards from friends around the world to their respective places.

  6. i love maps — I look at them and start to dream about my next trip! Have a large one in my kitchen, but that sparkly ocean thing really got me now! love it.
    viele grüsse, kristina

  7. I have one of the world maps with metallic seas in my office at home… I’ve found myself just staring at it sometimes and when the sun starts to set in the late afternoon, the spot varnish finish on the seas looks lovely.

  8. I love these! I have a big national geographic map rolled up and waiting for a frame, but I much prefer these colourful versions – may have to replace mine.


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