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a gastrotruck in {san diego}…





While some cities (namely LA and NY) may have food trucks a plenty, San Diego is certainly lacking in the mobile food scene. In an attempt to find the MIHO gastrotruck over the weekend, we stumbled across this awesome event that MIHO and a few others put together.





We tried the hamburger, hot dog, and pluot salad. The grass fed burger was rich and good and the best of the batch. We had hoped for some poutine as well, but sadly it wasn't quite ready for the evening when we placed our order. While slightly higher priced than a standard food truck, MIHO certainly offers fresh, homemade, gourmet versions of your favorite gastropub fare. Their truck is clean, retro, and fun with fresh-baked cookies and candy as extras.

{photos by Oh Joy. You can see more of the decor from the event over at Oh Joy.}


  1. There are a couple, definitely not as many as other larger cities. There is a Facebook page called San Diego Food Trucks and they try to let you know where they all are at any given time. I haven’t tried the MIHO one yet, but the food looks delicious from the pics!

  2. What a fantastic menu! I had to laugh, I just did a blog on my “Taco Truck” here in the Denver area…Food trucks are great!

  3. This makes me happy! Food trucks/carts are awesome. There are tons in NYC and Portland and now here in DC as well.

  4. we heart MIHO. they practice what they preach: farm to table food that truly is just that. so good to finally have something like this in san diego!

  5. mahalo for the tip! i was just wondering if sd had any fancy food trucks when the mister & i were back in town last week.

  6. oh dang. that looks great. i love the term “gastrotruck”, i haven’t heard that before… so much better than foodtruck…and it lends a “foodie” sensibility to it… !!


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