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  1. yum! i am currently obsessed with the new coconut m&m’s. have you tried them? they are heaven!
    sylvie of silver lining

  2. I just tried them this weekend as well and they are soooo good! Also, a lot better for you than a bag of standard MnMs.

  3. My favorite treat is to mix these with peanut butter m+ms. Sweet, salty and crunchy… Mmmmm!

  4. I discovered these a few weeks ago, much to my chagrin. Mixed with peanut butter M&Ms? You might never see me again.

  5. the first time a friend bought these for me, I was working, sitting at my desk… and she walks up and says, “Ms. Pink, I bought something for you…,” she hands me the bag, and I screamed in glee. BEST. snack ever 🙂


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