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  1. Small world!!! I practically “live” at the Pearl… and I’ve recently fallen in love with your blog… even blogged about it on my blog.
    Seriously, THE PEARL! DELICIOUS FOOD! GOOD TIMES! (best burger ever) 🙂

  2. this makes me think of Swingers! And I LOVE Swingers! It would be great to walk in with a few good friends, have a drink, listen to the cheesy piano music and watch the world go by! I’m packing my bags!

  3. I considered staying there in March, but read that the parties go way into the night…. so for that trip, since sleep was required… I had to take a pass… maybe some other time 🙂

  4. I stood at the Pearl back in october. It was great, the room was nice and clean, the staff was friendly and each room has a small fish in there to keep you company. Its great and would stay again!

  5. I stayed here a couple of weeks ago! So fun to see one of my favorite blogs making a nod to it. Very budget friendly while still cool and chic.

  6. One of my favorite things about the design at The Pearl is the amazing sink in the bathrooms. If you took any photos of that work for art, please post.


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