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got milk?



Feast your eyes on what I can only imagine will be an amazing addition to snacking. Got Milk's Magic Milk Straws encourage milk drinking of any kind (regular, soy, lactose-free) by making it fun and easy to add instant flavor to any glass of moo juice. Simply place the straw in the plain white milk. By the time it passes through the magic straw and reaches your mouth, it's turned into whichever flavor straw you've got. I have yet to try these amazing tubes of delight, but have heard rave reviews from a couple of my favorite 2-year-old and 4-year-old friends!

{You can find them for purchase right here and soon to be available at Target!}


  1. i found these at our grocery store a few months ago and they are great! you get the chocolate taste, but a more subtle flavor.

  2. sounds cute but seems like it would be adding additional artificial flavorings to your food that doesn’t need to be there.

  3. I bought them and both my 4 year old and I thought they were kind of gross (definitely artificial tasting) – bummer!


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