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I recently heard about The Society Inc. shop in Paddington, Australia from a recent episode of Man Shops Globe. I love these vignettes she creates for each seasonal theme in her shop inspired by her paint collection. Not only does prop stylist Sibella Court have an amazing shop and sense of style, her accent is seriously divine.

{photos by The Society}


  1. How talented is Sibella!? I first saw her on a design show on TV here in Sydney, but I hadn’t known about The Society Inc. Thx for bringing this to my attention Joy!

  2. Does every American girl who watched MSG last week want to be Sibella or what!? That girl has it going on and the accent gives her an amazingly charming boost!

  3. Finding it totally hilarious that you guys think the Aussie accent is charming! Have usually thought it made us sound a bit rough, so that is lovely to hear!


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