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a home cooked meal in {san luis obispo}…




While on our coastal road trip last week, we spend a night at the Sanitarium in San Luis Obispo. The bed & breakfast is dreamy, sun-filled, spacious, and one of the most unique B&B's I've ever been to. I'll be posting more about their space tomorrow on Oh Joy, but today, I had to share the breakfast we had the morning of our departure.

The innkeeper, Suzanne, whipped up this amazingly tasty {yet fresh & healthy} breakfast that I am dying to recreate at home. Her version of Egg in a Basket, had a California spin with fresh avocados on top and ham underneath. The fresh greens and fruit & mascarpone medley topped off the simple and delicious breakfast.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. So glad you are giving SLO a shout out! It’s a wonderful, quirky place and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. I love love love the Sanitarium. I am probably a little bias (as a SLO local), but it made my day to see this post on your blog. Suzanne is an amazing chef and I look forward to seeing what you thought of the sanitarium. Cheers.

  3. We stayed at the Sanitarium on the first night of our coastal road trip honeymoon. We fell in love with it right away. Our breakfast consisted of the best avocado and egg bagel sandwiches I had ever had! This place should be a must-stop for anyone traveling through SLO.

  4. Yay a SLO shout out! I just graduated from college there and sadly moved away, but I miss it so much! I always noticed the house the Sanitorium is located in but didn’t know what it was! So cool! Did you by any chance stop by Sally Loo’s Cafe just up the street? It’s one of my favorites! Mmmmmm figgy piggy bagel…

  5. hi kathryn,
    sally loos was closed when we went ;( i guess they are doing renovations…so the close is just permanent!

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