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happy friday + off to play…



Happy Friday friends! While summer is almost over for most of you, I feel like it's just begun over here. It's finally warm in Southern California after a spell of June gloom that unwelcomely spilled into July. So I'm trying to savor this short summer we've been given and revel in the warm sunshine. Happy weekend to you all.

p.s. Stay tuned Monday…I can't wait for you to see the debut of a short film we created for my new book with Meg Ilasco!

{photo of me in my former Coronado neighborhood by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. I’m so glad it’s finally sunny here as well! I have friends coming here from Philly tonight and I’m so pumped that we will actually be able to get to ride bikes along Santa Monica and Venice in the SUN. Horray Horrah!


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