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{closet & casa} with jen gotch…



who: Jen Gotch, Co-Owner of

in her closet: My sweet vintage-y looking party dress from Anthropologie. I got it there just over 5 years ago. I was looking for something to wear out on the town in Vegas the night before I got married, and this little beauty totally fit the bill. Of course now, 5 years later, the tiny waistline cuts off circulation to my brain…but I wear it anyway.

in her casa: There are lots of things in my house that I love, but this pretty lady always seems to come to mind. I found her a few years ago at the Long Beach swap meet for 40 bucks. Those red lips are to die for.  I've had lots of people offer me lots of money for her, but I just can't live without her. I named her Bernadette Duprey, but I call her Bernie.

{photos by Jen}



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