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the path to green tea…





On the path to Kiyomizu-Dera, there are a ton of little shops selling trinkets and chotchkes…and plenty of green tea treats {you already know I'm addicted right?}. Said treats include green tea soft serve, green tea soft serve on top of green tea cake, and cream puffs filled with green tea ice cream or green tea custard. Did I try them all? But, of course!

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. JOY. This is awesome. I’m leaving for Japan on Monday myself. So psyched to follow your lead and try some of this stuff. The soft serve looks ridiculous. Need.

  2. oh my that green tea softserve looks amazing! ive never seen anything like that. How did it taste? Was it sweet or more refreshing? I want.

  3. Oh my god. That color is gorgeous! I too love green tea ice cream 🙂 …have you ever tried it inside fried tempura? It’s heaven.

  4. OMG, you are killing me. I have a serious green tea ice cream addiction too. We had some in a little cafe in Himeji and it was wonderful.

  5. If you’re ever back in Philadelphia, the Franklin Fountain has an excellent green tea ice cream, although I don’t know if it could ever even compare to what you had. It’s not a bad place for pictures either.

  6. Those cream puffs are amazing, also had them earlier on this year and they rock.
    Your Kyoto adventures are making me want to come back to try all the food I’ve missed there.
    Loving your entries on them.

  7. First time visiting. Nice blog. Wow!! what a beautiful picture!! oh the green looks scrumptious, i would love to taste a green tea ice cream.


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