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japanese doughnuts {in kyoto}…



Although I love sweet treats, I rarely find myself craving a doughnut. Even the fanciest of the breed are typically too large, greasy, and overly sweet for me. However, this all changed after I had doughnuts in Kyoto.


The petite-sized off-shoots {less than 3 inches in diameter} are dense, just sweet enough, and feel like something you can actually have for breakfast and not feel guilty about.


One of my favorite spots in Kyoto to get these said doughnuts include Floresta {shown above…I went to this one}. With its sweet illustrations, awesome flavor options {I loved the green tea and salted caramel}, and the fresh fruit frozen yogurt mixed on the spot…this was my go-to spot for the week.


I also peeked into Hara Donuts a few times which looks super cute and very similar to the size and flavor options of Floresta.



Finally, while Floresta and Hara run in the gourmet end of doughnuts, I also loved these little guys found at a stand at the Nishiki Market. At a reasonable 10 pieces for 200 Yen, these soy doughnuts from Konnamonjya {also called Fujino Tofu} had a similar texture and flavor as funnel cake. Certainly more greasy than the other options, but still light and fluffy and so so good.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Yum! That coconut covered chocolate donut in the first picture is taunting me.
    While not gourmet, Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring series of donuts are pretty fabulous. (And Japan’s most popular donut!) Apparently, they were somewhat inspired by Brazilian Pão de queijo (cheese bread). Made with tapioca flour, the donuts have a wonderful chewy texture and subtle Japanese flavour / sweetness. Try one on your next visit to Japan!

  2. Thanks Marisa! Sounds lovely! I think I passed a Mister Donut once in the train station but didnt have time to get some! ;(
    Will have to get next time!

  3. I wish i knew what the flavour of the other doughnuts are in the second picture aside from green tea and slated caramel! the Haro store screams out…’come in’ it’s so cool looking!

  4. I never got to try the doughnuts in Hara and Floresta when I went to Kyoto, but I absolutely love those little soy doughnuts in Nishiki Market 🙂

  5. Love! I wish someone would open a shop like this in San Diego – even something like Dynamo in SF. We need it!
    p.s. – your photos are looking great, did you get a new camera?

  6. I hear you when it comes to donuts, however during this time of the year, smaller bakeries have apple cider donuts, which are a must!!


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